Our own tool for a financial management of projects.


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We built and designed this time-tracking tool for optimizing project revenue.

  • We defined the business strategy and the communication strategy for Costlocker.
  • We researched a lot and defined its unique selling proposition.
  • We designed the website and helped with promotion.
  • It’s actually our own startup project.

If you're an agency owner, you need to know how much your work pays off. You want to be profitable.

That's why you make business. Unfortunately, most agencies don't know how profitable they are.

The only financial metric they know is turnover. But it's not enough if you'd like to know anything about your financial efficiency. We dealt with the same issues.

We didn't know the profitability of our projects, clients or the services we provide to them. So we decided to develop Costlocker for ourselves, to make our business decisions based on numbers, not feelings.

Today, Costlocker is a commercial application used by thousands of users on daily basis.