Online communication strategy of Globus for three years already


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We started off with a human-centred redesign of their website and we have kept a friendly and productive partnership ever since.

We have been in the role of their strategic online communication advisor for almost three years now.

  • We redesigned the Globus corporate website, based on lots of research.
  • We also redesigned websites for Globus' loyalty program.
  • We work on campaigns continuously, adapting all the marketing communication to Globus' online space.
  • We work on campaigns continuously, following Globus’ current marketing strategy and transforming it into a unique online experience.
  • We recently kicked off Globus' social media strategy and started to execute it.

We like working with Globus, specifically because they have a reasonable degree of self reflection and are open to innovations. That is one of the aspects that drove us towards the project we're currently working on—a new ecommerce solution. Globus admitted to being a step behind and decided to go further ahead with a new, user—defined eshop.

With Globus, we can come up with new ideas on any project, no matter if it's a campaign or a new interactive website, or even an ecommerce site. As work on these projects