We've been the strategic advisor to O2 for 8 years now

O2 Czech Republic

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We are the strategic and UX+UI design agency for the Czech O2.

  • We designed the O2 TV platform interface.
  • We redesigned the website.
  • We designed “Moje O2”—an online space for O2’s customers to manage their services, payments and more, using both a web—based application and a mobile app.
  • We teach their managers to embrace the mindset of continuous change and keep improving everyday.

O2 is one of the companies we keep in touch with daily, cherishing our long lasting relationship. We started off many years ago by helping with a seasonal campaign and through the years we’ve become O2’s UX and UI mentor.

The first big project was “O2 active”—a platform for selling miscellaneous products. As this was a success, new projects kept coming. Seasonal campaigns, web designs and redesigns, customer platform interfaces, and more. Their TV interface project was one of the most challenging ones we did for O2 and remains to be one of our favorites.